Dragon Ball Super episode 24 English Dubbed

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  • Deathstar

    With funimation somehow rejecting your content despite it being private I don’t see how this episode is ever going to be uploaded at all.

  • David Manahan

    Is it just me or is the quality rather low? I guess I’ll stop by later when it improves.

    • Kaka carrot cake

      You mean of the animation?

    • Zain

      Yeah it’s only 720p

  • Da San Francisco bay

    Nice one even though I know what happens. Still good episode I actually like watching longer verisons of battle of gods and ressurection f. I know its like in the third season but I haven’t watched the Japanese versions cuz I don’t wanna spoil anything for myself. I happen to like the real not fan made American voice acting since 94 so please anyone don’t blog any spoilers can’t wait til next Saturday episode 25

    • Diego Olan

      Yeah I agree. I stopped watching the Japanese dub so i can watch this from the very beginning for nostalgic reasons . lol

  • John Smith

    Good ol veg protecting the wife

  • Aditya Kanakhra

    laughing on the bad animation xD